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World Assembly Report: January 5th, 2019

The World Assembly Report is a weekly report published in the Saturday newspaper. It covers the proposals of both the General Assembly and the Security Council.


Repeal “Commend Solorni”

As expected, the resolution to repeal “Commend Solorni” was passed overwhelmingly by the World Assembly, with 79.6% of WA nations in favor, last Tuesday. The resolution was hastily introduced following Solorni’s exit from NationStates following out-of-character confessions.

Commend Lyras

Commend Lyras was passed overwhelmingly by the Security Council’s WA voting nations, 86.4% in favor. The resolution, now in the books since today, commends the nation of Lyras for their “forms of anti-slavery and anti-imperialist positionings.” Lyras, which is located in the region of Greater Dienstad,  was described as “transcendent of the World Assembly’s core principles of promoting international peace, spreading universal goodwill, and maintaining healthy diplomatic discourse between nations from all walks of civilization,” according to the last paragraph of what is now Security Council Resolution #274. Interestingly enough, a repeal resolution has already been introduced that cites Lyras’ lack of civil rights bestowed upon its citizens.

Condemn The MT Army
“Condemn The MT Army,” which is unlikely to exit the proposal stage, condemns the anti-fascist military The MT Army for targeting “non-fascist regions.”


Preventing Groundwater Contamination

The resolution “Preventing Groundwater Contamination,” authored by the nation Wallenburg, is likely to pass in the next 3 and a half days that it is up for vote.

The resolution starts off by recognizing that international aquifers are “very common” across the world and that most nations depend on them for agriculture and other industries, as well as establishing that “few technologies exist” to fix the problem of contaminated groundwater.

Preventing Groundwater Contamination attempts to solve this problem by introducing the International Bureau of Water Safety while assigning its job as researching and consolidating information on the size, distribution, and characteristics of groundwater resources, and issuing recommendations for the protection and conservation of these resources for reliable, long-term use.”

At the last check, the resolution stands at 88.0% of WA nations in favor and 12.0% of nations against. All GCR delegates that have voted on the resolution have voted in favor. The lone holdouts on the “Against” side in terms of the delegates are Vancouvia (votes against all WA resolutions in protest), Bluximberg and DiRito-Opolis (who both represent libertarian regions), and NewTexas, who recommended to his fellow Texans that they vote against the resolution because of its establishment of more bureaucratic control over nations.