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World Assembly Report: December 29th, 2018

The World Assembly Report is a weekly report published in the Saturday newspaper. It covers the proposals of both the General Assembly and the Security Council.


Repeal “Commend Solorni”
Repeal “Commend Solorni” is currently standing at 6,962 votes in favor of passage to 2,277 against. The resolution was quickly submitted by a resident of Balder’s sister sinker, Osiris, following Solorni’s resignation from the World Assembly on Monday and received firm support from observers of its draft proposal thread.

However, concerns were raised by some nations, starting with Issues Editor Candlewhisperer Archive, regarding the blurring of out-of-character and in-character events and the usage of the World Assembly to convey an out-of-character concept.

While supporters of the resolution argued that past repeals, such as SCR #179 (Repeal “Commend Uni-bot II”) were passed overwhelmingly on the grounds of out-of-character actions, the argument against Repeal “Commend Solorni” still prevailed, along with concerns about the language of the repeal, in deciding North Pacific delegate Siwale’s vote. Europeia, where the out-of-character allegations originated, is still relatively divided among its members on how to vote.


Intersystem Space Stations Programme
The last resolution to reach a quorum in the halls of the General Assembly was “Intersystem Space Stations Program.” The final vote count was exceptionally close — the resolution was eventually defeated by a slim 338 votes, which could easily be swayed either way by a few delegates. Those delegates played a crucial role in defeating the resolution. At minor update on Friday, when the voting period closed, votes for the resolution vastly outnumbered votes against in terms of non-delegate votes, while the opposite was true in votes cast by WA delegates. Perhaps the most important factor in the defeat of the Intersystem Space Stations Programme was the votes of highly-endorsed delegates. Negative feedback regarding the unclear intentions and poor effort put into the resolution led World Assembly nations in endorsement-heavy regions such as the North Pacific to urge their delegate to strike down the controversial resolution — and they did. The resolution established space stations within reasonable distance to member nations to share for scientific purposes and experiments. It was unclear about most of the operations of the space station, and simply encouraged member nations to send scientists and engineers to manage the project and the funds appropriated to it from member nations. The author of “Intersystem Space Stations Programme,” the nation of Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar, has submitted a second draft in the General Assembly forum of the Nation- States forums, but this has also received criticism and complaints from many of the same nations that point- ed out some of its flaws before. It is still in its drafting phase.