Who we are

NationStates Today is made up of a diverse and talented set of volunteers, from journalists to our leadership team. It adapts constantly, and there may be a space for you!

Executive Board

Chairman and Chief Operations Officer : Lewis Kuznetsov-Flood

Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-Chief: Trabardia (Brihimia)

Human Resources Director: Precoixious

Director of Graphics & Publishing: Llo

Chief Legal Officer: Currently vacant

Chief Technology Officer: Currently vacant

Editorial Staff

Politics: Llo,
Deputy: Prairie

Gameplay: Wymondham,
Deputy: LilStapler

Roleplay, Perspectives & Art: TBD
Deputy International: The Doctor

Journalistic Staff

Gameplay Correspondent: Whatermelons

Osiris Correspondent: Wymondham

Defender Community Correspondent: Sacara

Leftist Community Correspondent: V. Sawyer

South Pacific Correspondent: Prairie

Communist Bloc Correspondent: Lil’ Stapler, Precoixious

Leftist Assembly Correspondent: Llorens, Kava

Roleplay Correspondent: Kava

General Region Correspondent: Tater, Daunlaund

Perspectives Writer: Daunlaund

Graphics & Publishing Team

  • Llorens
  • Prarie
  • Trabardia
  • Somyrion