Weekly Gameplay Report: March 3rd, 2019

Howling Wolves

Move over Black Hawks, there’s a new raider group in town.

The Grey Wolves, have come to the scene being met with both mockery and support on the Gameplay forums. So far they have raided 1 region, The United Emperors of India. It shall be interesting to see how this new group fairs.


The group referred to by many as the “fastest raiders in NS” struck again this week, with 83 regions being tagged at the Minor and Major updates of February 24th. Lily’s interregional military has a new member, The Yeet Army.

Sekhmet Legion

OsirisSekhmet Legion, now the most active GCR military, performed a 10 hit tag raid on the minor of the 24th of February. The Legion has been more active as of late, mainly due to its resurgence under leader Benjabobaria, who NS Today interviewed here.


Wymondham has been in NationStates for 3 years and has been in Osiris for over 2 and a half years. He is currently President of Pacifica. Wymondham was formerly Chief Scribe of Osiris and enjoys interviewing influential people of NationStates.