Vacancy: Head of Graphics & Publishing

NationStates Today, the premier news organisation in the game, is seeking a new head for our Graphics & Publishing department.

Charged with overseeing our talented Graphics & Publishing team, and primarily responsible for compiling the editions in a publication read over 3,000 times a month, we are looking for a dedicated graphic designer to join our team.

As an editorial-level position, candidates will oversee a team of graphic designers, who have designed all of our logos, graphics, and our editions. As our editions average over 200 unique views on our site alone, it is an exciting opportunity to either move into NationStates publishing, or to step up from regional news production. Our inter-regional reach was cemented when we were voted News Operation of the Year and runner up for News Article of the Year in the 2019 Gameplay Awards. Our Discord server has ~200 users, who receive our latest articles on demand.

As the head of Graphics & Publishing, we are looking for a person with experience of a publishing software (we currently use Microsoft Publisher, but a software such as Adobe InDesign or similar is fine), and who would be able to compile an edition on average every three weeks, in addition to our bi-annual Power20 publication. As we enter a new term of executive leadership, we will be seeking to expand our gameside dispatch publications, and so experience of dispatch formatting is desired but not required. Further, while the role is focused on publishing our editions, some understanding of graphics design is desirable.

What we are looking for:
Bold indicates required

  • Experience of desktop publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign
  • Good standing in the NationStates community (out of character)
  • Knowledge of graphics design
  • Experience of dispatch formatting
  • Ideas for improving our edition formatting and ways of alternative content coverage (such as special article formatting for major releases)
  • Experience in publishing in NationSates or another community

Candiates may apply by clicking here, and should join our Discord if they haven’t already.

Questions about this post or the position should be sent to Lewis Kuznetsov, our CEO.