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The Union of Democratic States Ratifies New Constitution

The Union of Democratic States ratified a new regional constitution on May 21, transforming the structure of their regional government. Foremost among the changes was moving the regional legislature from a bicameral to a unicameral model.

Dyl, one of the associate justices in the judiciary branch of the Union of Democratic States (UDS), noted that recall elections for Senators and the President were also newly introduced.

“The Judiciary went through some changes as well. The Supreme Court is now flexible in size, with the Chief Justice permitted to appoint up to four Associate Justices. The Chief Justice is also now elected and judicial reconfirmations are every six months rather than every four months,” added Dyl.

Electoral reform was also a focus of the new constitution. The Chancellery, a government body tasked with maintaining the government and running elections, was abolished. Its election duties were given to the newly established Electoral Commission, which is composed of the Chief Justice, a Chief Commissioner appointed by the President, and a Deputy Commissioner appointed by the Chief Commissioner.

Commenting on the implementation of the new constitution, Dyl noted, “The government has been shaken up a bit as a result.” While the executive and judiciary remained the same, elections were required for the newly-formed Senate. Nevertheless, Dyl believes the changes were necessary. “The aim was largely to fix what many believe were major flaws in the current constitution,” he added.

The possibility of replacing the constitution had been discussed for a while in UDS political circles. Kron, Chief Justice of the UDS, published a statement on March 15 that remarked, “… the current constitution is not well written. It is a constitution which consistently causes confusion in what it actually seeks to mean … I do not believe it was proofread enough before its hasty passage into law.”

The seal of the Union of Democratic States.

So far, UDS residents largely seem to feel that the government under the new constitution is working well. According to XanPlex, one of the elected senators to the new legislature, “The legislature is certainly more efficient. The people came together to change their government system for the better.”

The new government in the executive branch includes Nuevo San Miguel as President, Zen as Vice President, EUKBICR as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sacento as Minister of Census, Tanisha as Minister of Culture, Glaciosia as Minister of Justice, and Kade as Minister of Defense.

The legislative branch includes EUKBICR as Speaker, Sacento as Deputy Speaker, and Glaciosia, XanPlex, and Josephto as Senators.

Meanwhile, the Judiciary branch includes Kron as Chief Justice and Phoenix of The Sun as Associate Justice. Lastly, the Election Commission includes Asdersland as Chief Commissioner, Kade as Deputy Commissioner, and Kron as Chief Justice as an additional member of the commission.


  • ArchangelVanny is a writer from The Union of Democratic States. He is interested the most in politics and social issues, and enjoys listening to music when he writes his articles. He have no major role or position in NationStates, but he wrote the constitution of the country of Thelvola.