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The Shift: March 2021

The total World Assembly population remained virtually unchanged during March, but fell 3.4% below expected seasonal trends. Adding insult to injury the population is 5.5% lower compared to this time last year (and the Drewpocalypse does not factor in until April).

What do these terms mean?

Sinkers had the worst performance of any region type, with an overall change in World Assembly membership of -3.8%, as compared to the barely-changing feeders (-0.6%) and User Created Regions (+0.8%). Sinkers have been reduced to their lowest proportion of total World Assembly members (6.8%) since June 2020.

A mix of a small number of User Created Regions were the best performers this month, including Lands End (+12.9%), The Communist Bloc (+9.7%), and New Western Empire (+8.3%).

Meanwhile, The Rejected Realms was the only region to suffer a double-digit fall (-11.3%). It was closely trailed by the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators (-9.3%) and 10000 Islands (-7.0%).

This month shared an uncanny similarity with last month’s stability. Once again, 15 of the 26 included regions did not change by more than 5%. Similarly, 15 of the regions did not change by more than 10 nations, irrespective of size. These were the exact same figures as in the last edition.

Population totals for this year still appear to be progressing at a fine pace despite falling a few percentage points behind this month. It will be important to account for the unexpected surge and subsequent sharp drop of the Drewpocalypse in year-on-year comparisons going forward, since it adversely affected the data from at least April through August 2020.


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