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The Shift: March 2020

The key game-wide statistics for March 2020.

With seemingly the entire world locked up at home for the foreseeable future, it should come as no surprise that World Assembly population growth has been considerable this month at 2.8% total, still being dwarfed by both the mean and median growth figures. User Created Regions like Thaecia and The Black Hawks led the pack, while sinkers generally underperformed, being the only group of regions to fall, by 1.3% collectively.

Shift Up: Thaecia

Thaecia narrowly takes the position of ‘shift up’ region of March 2020, climbing in its World Assembly population by 27.4%. Considering the region has not had a positive result in any of the four previous editions of The Shift, this feat is all the more remarkable. The community, notable for its dramatic political party system and bicameral legislature, recently held a series of elections, one of which saw new President Titanne take office. In a statement about the growth in numbers, Titanne said:

“I believe that the uptick in our WA population can be attributed quite easily to our adoption of monthly, WA-wide recruitment telegrams, which we started this month. They have quite obviously shown themselves to be more effective than the manual recruitment efforts of the last administration, which ended up losing the region population.”

Prime Minister Korsinia similarly noted that they have had “an extremely strong recruitment effort consisting of both telegram stamps and manual recruitment targeting new, refounded, and WA nations” that “all proved to be extremely successful in getting new citizens to the region”. They also predicted that as more telegrams were processed, there “might be even more of an uptick” in population in the coming weeks.

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Shift Down: The Union of Democratic States

In a dramatic reversal of their status as the ‘shift up’ region of February 2020, the Union of Democratic States has lost all of their gains in World Assembly population, falling by 33.3%. At that time, their regional founder told me they were undertaking “consistent stamp and API recruitment” in addition to an increase in “integration efforts,” but clearly these have not been sustained. It demonstrates that a lack of effective recruitment can drastically lower a region’s population.

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