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The Shift: February 2020

The key game-wide statistics for February 2020.

This month has seen further steady growth across the game, with a relatively even distribution across varying region types – feeders, sinkers, and User Created Regions alike. Among the greatest upward movers were the Union of Democratic States, Sonindia, and the Democratic Socialist Assembly, the first two of which move above 100 World Assembly nations, while right-wing regions, namely the Federation of Conservative Nations and the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, fielded the most notable losses.

Shift Up: The Union of Democratic States

The Union of Democratic States has exceeded 100 World Assembly nations for the first time since The Shift began recording statistics last November. This also ranks them as the largest upward regional shifters, with a 23.9% gain of World Assembly members in the last month. The region’s founder, The Noble Thatcherites, provided the following statement to NationStates Today on the key to the region’s success:

“Over the course of the past month, the Union has maintained consistent stamp and API recruitment under Minister of the Census Phoenix. The Union uses stamps to recruit new nations, whereas the Union uses API recruitment to recruit re-founded nations. Integration efforts have also been increased, with several messages posted this month encouraging new nations to join the Discord and the forum. The Union advertises joining the World Assembly and endorsing our delegate, Asdersland, on the World Factbook Entry. Additionally, Unionists such as Green Days and Equality interacted on the World Assembly forum and even posted a proposal.”

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Shift Down: Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

On February 1, Riakou used their accumulated influence and their new position of Delegate in the Confederation to wipe half of its population; if you haven’t already, check out Episode 3 of Up Close & Personal where they joined Wymondham to discuss the move. Since then, the population has been rebounding quickly, likely due to boosted recruitment efforts on the part of the founder, Jocospor, but it remains well shy of its previous level. Since 25 January, the net change in the regional World Assembly population has been -18.2%, making them the largest regional shifters into negative ground.

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