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The Communist Bloc Holds Deputy General Secretary Election

Following the resignation of (former) General Secretary Lil’ Stapler, Nathaniel Penrose, who was the Deputy General Secretary at the time of Stapler’s resignation, has taken the office of General Secretary following the line of succession specified in the People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc’s constitution. This leaves the seat of Deputy General Secretary vacant for now.

The Deputy General Secretary is the 2nd highest office in the Bloc and is elected on a different ticket than the General Secretary. The position serves as an executive check on the power of the General Secretary while providing additional leadership.

Former General Secretary Stapler resigned after being elected Premier (Chairperson of the Central Committee, TCB’s legislature). He was originally nominated in protest of the legal error that allows the head of the executive branch to also head the legislative branch, but unexpectedly won with 50% approval. As such, he decided to resign from the office of General Secretary to allow himself to rest, to give his successor (Nathaniel Penrose) some time to get work done before an election, and to prevent a single person from holding too much power.

As of the time of writing, former General Secretary Trabardia and incumbent Minister of Defense, former General Secretary Tarrin Kael and current Minister of Culture, Minister of Information Precoixious, and former elected Central Committee Member C.A.D. are among those running for the position.

The standing period for registration is 7 days from December 25th, with a voting time of 48 hours.


  • Precoixious resides in The Communist Bloc as an executive Minister. They occasionally contribute to articles alongside managing and staff other functions, serving as the Human Resources Director of NationStates Today.