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We are always looking for quality content for NationStates Today, which isn’t just limited to prose. If you have a comic, polandball (which can be a comic) or piece of art that you want to submit to us, then we want to see it! As we expand our range of content, we want to include a lot more Arts content, and having community created art is an integral part of that.

Some Legal Stuff

Please note that by submitting your artistic works to NationStates Today, you agree to do so under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. This means that we, NationStates Today, agree to properly credit you for your work, while you agree to give us the right to use your content in any shape, way or form that doesn’t damage your image or reputation as an artist. This includes commercial uses, which might include placing adverts on the page with your art (whether digital or physical) or for advertising NationStates Today itself.