Reader’s Poll: December 29th, 2018

Through the week before our first Saturday newspaper, we asked players via a public poll and our NationStates forum thread what their favorite type of holiday cookies. Overall, 28 people responded to our first ever reader’s poll and voice their opinion.

Chocolate chip cookies maintained a definitive lead in both polls throughout the week, with gingerbread remaining the second favorite. Oatmeal, chocolate, peanut butter, and butter cookies all tied for 3rd place and shortbread cookies got 1 vote.

Only one respondent out of the two who opted for the “Other” option sent a telegram back. Here’s their response:

Cookie poll: best holiday cookie is my family’s German Christmas cookies: they look like these (, but instead of flour, as this poor imitation has it, there’s just a gigantic buttload of pulverized nuts (pecans and hazelnuts IIRC) that makes up the body of the cookie.

Our next poll will be released soon today, asking readers the question: “Did you spend less time on NationStates than usual over the holidays?”


Brihimia has been playing NationStates for 3 and a half years, more than 2 of those in the Communist Bloc. In addition to managing a revival of TCB's Ministry of Information as General Secretary, he served as Minister himself and oversaw the production of two major newspaper publications and the continuation of the Daily News service. He also has served in various other executive, legislative, and military roles.