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Power20: January 2022

A special publication brought to you by NationStates Today.

Power20 is a biannual publication by NationStates Today, in which a panel from a broad spectrum of Gameplay regions and alignments ranks the top 20 most influential Gameplayers in NationStates.

Power20 Special Managers Quebecshire and Miravana led the organizing of the panel for this installment of the Power20, with the oversight of the Board of NationStates Today. Chief Executive Officer Somyrion produced the publication.


  • Somyrion has been on NationStates since March 2016. Originally hailing from Forest, he has also served in various government positions in Lazarus and the South Pacific, including as World Assembly Delegate of the South Pacific from 2019 to 2020. He is currently Chief Executive Officer and Chief Publishing Officer of NationStates Today, and serves as a moderator in the worldbuilding region Tiandi. He enjoys exploring language, data analysis, and making everything look pretty.