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Power20: June 2020

Power20 is a biannual publication by NationStates Today, in which a panel from a broad spectrum of Gameplay regions and alignments ranks the top 20 most influential Gameplayers in NationStates. Panellists were not allowed to name themselves at any stage.

A note from Wym: The astute among you will have noticed some changes to the formula and selection process than last time. Namely that the list is no longer ranked. This was a decision made by the panel as they felt that due to a lack of activity in Gameplay over the last 6 months, they would find it extremely difficult to rank people in a final order. So, a decision was made to do the list unranked. I will also repeat what I put at the top, as apparently putting it in the forum post and graphic last time still didn’t get it across to people: Panellists were not allowed to name themselves at any stage of the process.

Further note from Wym: To address some questions y’all have. Madjack was invited to be the TNP panellist, then due to a clerical error on a google doc caused by an unforeseen family emergency at, was not added to a spreadsheet for when discord invites were sent out. I want to apologise to TNP and MadJack for this, it was not my intent and is solely my fault.