Our Staff

NationStates Today is made of diverse and talented volunteers, from journalists to our leadership team. If you are interested in joining us, you can apply here!

Board of Executives

The Board of Executives control the daily functioning of the organisation, decide on editorial policy and production, and hold votes on key executive issues.

Chief Executive OfficerLewis
Chief Content OfficerBlyatman
Human Resources DirectorTBD
Deputy Human Resources Director (non-Board)Aynia
Public Relations DirectorWymondham
Deputy Public Relations Director (non-Board)Ark
Chief Publishing Officer (non-Board)Somyrion


The Governors define overall policy, appoint and dismiss executive staff, review complaints, and resolve disputes over the Charter.

Elected by staffSomyrion,
J.S. Talleyrand
Wymondham (D. Chair)
Elected by readersLukatonia
Appointed by ChairpersonJosh,

Editorial Staff

The editorial staff are responsible for editing articles in collaboration with their author prior to publication. All editors work as a collective body, with specific editors charged with overseeing certain content areas as a public and internal point of contact.

Llo (Politics Contact)Blyatman (CCO, International Contact)
Jay (Culture Contact)Mars Bloombird
Wymondham (Gameplay Contact)J. S. Talleyrand

Writer Staff

The writer staff are responsible for authoring articles to be published by the organisation.

Chief Content Officer BlyatmanLlo
AsderslandMars Bloombird
J.S. TalleyrandWymondham

NOTE: Only current staff who have published articles are listed.

Graphics & Publishing Staff

The graphics and publishing staff are responsible for creating graphics when needed for the organisation, and designing the weekly edition prior to publication.

Chief Publishing Officer Somyrion

Technology & Development Staff

The technology and development staff are responsible for improving our automated processes, website, Discord bots, and related technology of the organisation. They report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Lewis (CEO)Mars Suckerbird

Other Staff

Omega is the host of the NewsRoom podcast, and Aav is the Partnerships Lead.