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Opinion | The Communist Bloc’s Convention is an Ignorance of the Elite

Disclaimer: This article represents the personal views of the author, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Board of NationStates Today.

In January of this year, The Communist Bloc began its process to draft a new Constitution – popular feeling, at the time, was that the current system of government was failing the people, and did not lead to a fair balance of direct and indirect democracy. After much debate, a month and a half later it agreed to a new executive and legislative system.

Then things chugged to a halt – while the judiciary was eventually agreed upon, several citizens began to agitate against the proposed structure. Many, including myself, felt that the convention had been moving too quickly without properly considering the views of more than the core group of players who got involved in discussions. A poll I designed was held to see what the citizens and the residents of the region wanted – turns out, it wasn’t what the convention voted for.

The poll’s results are damning – a rejection of the proposed collegiate system, and a rejection of the sole, directly democratic chamber so heavily championed by the upper echelons of the region’s elite. When it came to the executive, the region was split down the middle, with a slight majority for a presidential system. Naturally, this was not acceptable to those that so heavily supported the collegiate council of ministers as adopted in a convention vote – attacks on the poll and its methodology followed, with many ignoring the fact that reform had been called for. Just not the reform they wanted.

As the Government tried to figure out how to run an “official” poll, something which is yet to occur at the time of this article going to press, talks began regarding a compromise – the return of an elected chamber, with a directly democratic lower house, and the creation of a new Head of Government – the Premier. A new position of President would be created, to act as the Head of State. In effect, the proposal would create a semi-Presidential system in a similar vein to many European nations. Key figures on both sides of the divide began to support that compromise, and it has since been given the shape of a bill to reform the constitutional convention and get it moving; having started on January 5th, it has been just over three months, and members of the region have become increasingly exasperated with the lack of government work outside of the convention – elections were suspended until recently, with the General Secretary having not even received an electoral mandate.

The Communist Bloc needs a government that works for all. A government which caters to those who want politic gameplay, those who want to legislate, those who want a government which listens to them. The proposal I have outlined, and have been pushing for, fulfills those needs. It outlines a government which allows players of all types to get involved, and I call on the region to vote in favour of it.


  • Lewis is a former citizen of The Communist Bloc, having been so for nearly 4 years, and has been playing NationStates for nearly 5. During his time in the Bloc, he served in the executive branch in a multitude of positions, including as General Secretary. Lewis has also served as an important member of the legislature, drafting well over 30 legislative instruments, including major constitutional restructurings. He currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NationStates Today.