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Opinion | How NationStates Can Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona!

What NS users could do on Saint Patrick’s Day
Cad a d’fhéadfadh NSers a dhéanamh ar lá Naomh Pádraig

I think that it would be great to have some sort of event in Nationstates for St. Patrick’s Day, as, in my opinion, it is one of the best holidays of the year. Here’s what I suggest you do this St Patrick’s Day on NS.

Do some Ireland based RP!
An bhfuil roinnt RP bunaithe in Éirinn!

There are many Irish historical events. Wars, uprisings, rebellions and so much more! This St. Paddy’s Day, do some RP on the Emerald Isle to get yourself in the festive mood!

Learn some Irish
Foghlaim roinnt Gaeilge

Why don’t you learn the native language of The Emerald Isle and immerse yourself in some good old Irish language? It may be tough but it’s well worth it.

Make a St Patrick’s Day version of your flag or do some countryball art
Déan leagan lá de do bhratach de chuid Naomh Pádraig nó déan roinnt ealaíne tíre

I’ve seen loads of Saint Patrick’s Day flags and countryball comics and they are awesome. Send them to me if possible I’d love to see them – they could be featured on Art of the Week!

Have some fun!
Bíodh spraoi agat!

Saint Patrick’s day is ultimately all about fun. So pop on some green, try not to get pinched and watch a parade or two!

Saint Patrick’s Day mini quiz.
Tráth na gceist mion lae Naomh Pádraig.

Test your Saint Patrick’s Day knowledge in this quiz!

1.Where was Saint Patrick Born?
Cá rugadh pátrún naomh?

2. How do you say Hello in Irish?
Conas a deir tú ‘hello’ i nGaeilge?

3. What is the capital of Ireland?
Cad é príomhchathair na hÉireann?

4. What is Ireland’s official colour?
Cad é dath na hÉireann?

(Warning contains trick questions!)
(Tá ceisteanna trick sa rabhadh!


  1. Wales (An Bhreatain bheag)
  2. Dia Dhuit
  3. Dublin (Baile átha Cliath)
  4. Blue (Gorm)

The author of this article is a native speaker of Irish.

Photo by gdtography on Unsplash


  • Daunland has been playing NationStates since December 2017. He is the Co-founder of the region Universal Pact and is a guest writer for NS Today.