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NST’s World Atlas: Navigating the Star System

Cyrannus Star System (CSS) began its journey as a region based on a Battlestar Galactica (BSG) theme. Founder Pallay (more commonly known as Yamez) envisioned a roleplay region loosely based on names and places in the fictional universe of BSG. Roleplay takes place in an offsite forum. “I’m a Battlestar Galactica nerd, and rewatching the series made me want to see that setting in another form,” Yamez told me. “NationStates seemed like the obvious place, given a decently defined political structure in the series.” 

The region started with some core members, most of whom had no idea about the franchise. However, this did not deter them from creating roleplay worlds and lore quite at par with well-known roleplay regions. That’s not all CSS has to offer though: like  many regions, even if the Regional Message Board is a bit lacking in conversation, Pallay posts questions every day,  which are answered by a large number of players. The offsite community (notably in Discord) is a lively and noisy place: much of the community’s obsession with goats led to a channel set aside for sharing pictures of goats in the discord server, and the rise of other ‘cults’, namely, the nugget cult, the tilapia cult, and something about horses the author does not quite understand. 

The current government comprises Pallay as Director Of Operations of the Star System, Technocratic Terra as the World Assembly Delegate, Steward of Internal Affairs Outer Raxweny, Steward of Culture Equatorie, and Aurelion Alpha, the Speaker of the Peoples Council. The position names clearly indicate the kind of theme Pallay was trying to build for the region – science fiction and grand bureaucracy mixed together. “I’ve gotta say, I’m quite comfortable with where Cyrannus is now,” Yamez says about the future of the region. 

“I want to iron down the details on more of the RP world and try and spur some more internal activity, but future development has hit a pretty good point for what I’m comfortable with. We’re large, without feeling overwhelming personally. We’ve got dedicated players, which I would like to expand more in but that will come with worldbuilding. And the prime thing, we’ve got a community that gives off the warm vibes I wanted when I set out to found it.”

CSS has featured on (and participated in) many NS events, including UCR Con, the NS Christmas Fundraiser, and the Catgirl Hivemind during N-day among others, all of them large interregional events and organisations which have made their mark on NationStates.

The large number of cosmopolitan players (players who are active in more than one region) makes the participation of CSS in interregional events possible. CSS does not have many embassies though, and only recently has there been a foreign relations forum thread made of the region. This could be attributed to the region’s focus on RP. It does have good relations with both raiders and defenders, something quite hard to do in NationStates’ polarising “battle” gameplay scene. The region itself remains neutral towards raiding and defending, though one might hear the occasional player grumbling about some recent raid or at a “fenda”, a term used by those who generally disapprove of defenders. 

Since government structure is quite simple, elections are usually straightforward affairs. Exceptions always exist, and one does in this case too. The June 2021 elections had the largest amount of activity in the region’s history, and it is partly due to the large influx of players in the game as a result of Drew Durnil’s second video on NS. Many players refer to this as “Drewpocalypse 2.0,” for two reasons: first, the large number of new players put a strain on the game’s servers, though not as much as that of the first one in 2020, and second, most of these new players were never active and Ceased to Exist in a month. This, however, did not negatively affect the region’s population statistics, and is notable because it defies a trend seen in most other regions. Another notable thing about the government (or the process of governance, really) is the election campaigns. Most contestants in every election have used humour effectively to get their points across, and it has long been suspected that the number of memes in a campaign thread in the offsite forum is directly proportional to the number of votes a candidate manages to gain in an election. 

The author would like to end the piece with one more quote because no article is complete without some question-framing ability showoff.

[To Pallay]: “How do you feel about the region’s vibes, and has it differed from your initial vision back in 2020?”

“I really like the place Cyrannus is at right now. Things have had to change and adapt over the course, both to keep the ship steady and to not feel overwhelming to newcomers. Obviously it’s not exactly what I had originally envisioned, but I feel that’s probably for the best. I’d rather have adapted the goal to get us to the place we are now than have kept the narrow vision I originally held and scared off many of the great people who’ve become prime Cyrannurds.”


Thus, the Cyrannus Star System has many things to offer, from extensive roleplay to cursed images on Thursday in the discord server, and everything in between, the party never does seem to end in the Star System.


  • Nationific has been lurking in NS for quite a while now, after joining in early 2019. He enjoys writing and generally having fun in various NationStates-related discord servers. He has held various positions in the 5 regions he has been an active part of over his time in NS. Nationific currently resides in the Cyrannus Star System, working as a writer in the Colonial News Service and is also Minister of Internal Affairs in Edlhus.