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New Delegate in Lazarus as Treadwellia Succeeds

Since multiple coups in the last two years or so, Lazarus has recovered in a steady manner. It has put up a new front by reorganizing itself completely. These new steps were spearheaded by Imkiville, after the period of anarchy, formed a new constitution, new forums, a new and colourful office in the shape of LazCorp and including many fresh new faces in the cabinet. All these changes were brought about to encourage the people to forget the past and look with hope to the future. And all these changes, met with both praise and criticisms, have to a large extent, helped in recovery of Lazarus.

However, due to   her increasingly busy IRL life, Imkiville has resigned from the position. In the words of the new delegate, Treadwellia, “Imki resigned in part because she never intended to stay Delegate forever–merely to help Lazarus reestablish itself after its recent concerns. The other part was that her real life sometimes places hard demands on her time and energy; she felt it better to pass on leadership than to see Lazarus be negatively affected by her potentially extended absence.”

The talks of the delegate after Imkiville is not a new subject by any means, and there were many contenders even during the anarchy phase of Lazarus after the coup. During that phase, Treadwellia had appealed to the people and pushed for his own delegacy, however, not for political gains, but for the purpose of bringing in order and peace in the region. So, admiring the genuine approach that he had, Imkiville made him the vice delegate and was essentially training him to be the next delegate. Sothe move itself did not come as a shock to the observers.

The transition itself was largely “uneventful”, Treadwellia points out, and overall pretty smooth and peaceful, as expected.When asked whether he’d make changes from how Imkiville did things, he said, “I am so far good with maintaining the current course and not eliminating the base we have here, established through Imki’s dedication.” So, overall, he doesn’t intend on reverting or changing the course established by Imkiville, but work more along those lines. The immediate change he intends on bringing about is filling up of a number of government positions.

Lazarus, as a sinker region, has a number of challenges. Community involvement and integration is among the most challenging one, as per the new delegate. As someone who has mostly been involved in promoting activity in the RMB through polls and various activities, Treadwellia could very well be the perfect man for the job. However, it is by no means going to be easy. Integration of members is always difficult in sinkers due to their very nature. Typically, GCRs are seen as a transitory region than a potential region to be involved in itself. So, it is surely not going to be easy.

Another major challenge that Lazarus faces is in the external ties. The coups also heavily damaged the foreign relations the region had, and so, since then, as the region has been pursuing a fresh new outlook in all the spheres, the same may be said about foreign affairs. The region is also currently at war with NPO, which was partially blamed for the coups and the chaos that followed in Lazarus. Nonetheless, that does not bar the region from pursuing peaceful ties in other spheres, the delegate says, citing the new treaty with Osiris as a sign of better things to come.

In particular, as mentioned before, he does not intend on changing the approach from Imkiville in many spheres, including foreign affairs. He said, “[…]I have a wonderful support staff in Lazarus helping me work on those matters, weigh options, establish embassies if possible, and offer advice on matters. As I noted above, communication is vital. While we are still currently in a state of war, this doesn’t prohibit pursuit of peaceful ends in as many areas as possible.[…]” Soin the realm of foreign affairs, his actions would seem to be guided by the advice of his staff and so forth.

As a delegate, Treadwellia points out that it is a rather demanding job which does require a more consistent and daily activity. Everything from keeping an eye on the citizenship applications to the discussions of the council requires the delegate’s participation in one form or another, which is a challenge he is ready to face. He hopes to carry out his duties well and lead Lazarus well.

Lazarus, with a new delegate, stands at a crucial phase, as it is slowly recovering from the damage done onto them by the coups. The solving of the problems that the sinker region faces wouldn’t happen overnight, and the role of the delegate in them is paramount. So, should this term go well, it could bring in a lot of positive changes in the region. Hence, the international observers would be keenly looking forward to the new delegate’s term.


  • Aurelius has been around NationStates for several years, floating between many User-Created Regions. He currently serves as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Aukumnia, and also co-manages their regional newspaper.