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McMasterdonia Secures Another Term as Delegate of The North Pacific, Close Vice Delegate Contest

The North Pacific (TNP) recently held their general election, with candidates vying for the positions of Delegate, Vice Delegate, Attorney General, and Speaker. The Delegate race saw three candidates with the incumbent McMasterdonia being challenged by Nessuno and Felis, while each other contest fielded two candidates – Artemis and Robespierre for Vice Delegate, Vivanco and Hopps for Attorney General, and Deropia and Dreadton for Speaker. Nominations were held on their offsite forum and, before long, the campaign season kicked off.


McMasterdonia, who has held the position of Delegate for four months, presented proposals such as publishing articles for The Northern Lights as they come to improve output, rather than strictly releasing large-scale publications. McMasterdonia’s platform also pushed for further promotion of the operations of the North Pacific Army, the region’s official military, World Assembly voting threads, cultural activities and events, and promotion of the region’s government news and initiatives.

The flag of Delegate McMasterdonia.

Meanwhile, Nessuno ran on a seemingly farcical platform of ”A vote for Nessuno is one step closer to the Revolution!” Nessuno’s proposals ranged from changing the region’s demonym to be ‘The Animal’s Revolutionary Government of The North Pacific’ to radically restructuring TNP’s ministries to fit their desired “revolutionary” government, as dictated by the tenets of ‘animalism’ in reference to the novella Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Felis did not publish a platform during the campaign and remained largely absent from debate, which would eventually manifest in their poor showing in the results.

Vice Delegate

In the Vice Delegate race, Robespierre ran a platform on the slogan ‘Competent. Creative. Capable.’ Their proposals included conducting security checks twice a day at a minimum, accountability and transparency for governing bodies such as the Security Council, and a call to remain open-minded when conducting one’s responsibilities, in whatever position that may be.

Vice Delegate-incumbent Artemis ran a re-election campaign of staying the course, with “continuation of the fundamentals” being the modus operandi of their duties as Vice Delegate if re-elected, such as “timely security checks for Citizenship Applications, monitoring the security of the region and providing oversight of the Security Council.” Additional proposals included periodic summaries of Security Council deliberations and rejuvenation of the region’s endorsement program.

Attorney General

In the Attorney General race, Vivanco ran on an egalitarian justice platform, which is best summarized by his closing statements, saying that “history has tought [sic] us one thing. Those times in which law was forbidden to those of higher class only oppened [sic] the door to chaos. Law should, and must, be for everyone […] A more accessible form for law.” Their opponent, Hopps, remained largely absent from the election campaign, not publishing a platform.


Deropia and Dreadton faced off for the Speaker of the Regional Assembly portfolio. One of Deropia’s key points was conducting “a quiz-type event that would reward nations in the region for answering questions related to the RA, and our laws,” while Dreadton suggested implementing a system in which the Speaker released monthly “Citizenship Reports” on the status of the region’s population growth.


After everything was said and done, voters took to the polls and cast their votes for each position. In the Delegate race, McMasterdonia received 89% of the vote, retaining the Delegacy convincingly. Robespierre received 53% of the vote to Artemis’ 47%, narrowly ousting his opponent in the Vice Delegate race by six votes. The Speaker and Attorney General races saw Deropia and Vivanco emerge as the victors respectively by landslide margins.

In an exclusive statement provided to NationStates Today, the Delegate’s Press Secretary, Rom, said:

“McMasterdonia is pleased with the election results. He wishes TNP the best going forward, and is excited to work with his new Cabinet. He would also like to thank everyone for participating and voting in the election.”


  • Grey has played NationStates for over a year, residing in The Leftist Assembly. He has notably served in that region as a member of the General Assembly and as Vice-Secretary, and currently as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is an avid writer who is passionate about news and politics. They are a Politics writer for NationStates Today, as well as a member of the Graphics & Publishing team.