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Mariner Trench Holds Elections

The author of this article is known as Anarchic Turkish States in his home region, and features in this article.

Twelve kilometres under the sea lies Mariner Trench, the home region of the famous MT Army. It has recently held elections for every elected position; The Chief Mariner, The Senate and the President. Anarchic Turkish States and Matthewland123 were running for Chief Mariner from the start, but for any other candidate to declare candidacy took a while. Then, Hypron, Earthly Delights and Sprecehnland, the latter of which is a member of the MT Army, declared to run for the three positions of the Senate. The President’s candidates are Beef-Land and Hudsonolia.

The Chief Mariner Position was looking to be a stand-off between Anarchic Turkish States and Matthewland123, when suddenly Matthewland123 shockingly pulled out at the last minute, citing ‘boredom’. This paved the way for Anarchic Turkish States, currently the leading MT Army reserve in terms of participation points, and the provider of the password to the Nazi Northern Redlands, to win the election. The Senate was elected, with all candidates getting their seats. Anarchic Turkish States then appointed Senator Earthly Delights, also in the MT Army reserves, to the position of Mariner of Foreign Affairs, while appointing Stonesticks, formerly official welcomer, and Roavin, well-known gameplayer, to justice position. Other positions are being filled.

Meanwhile, the President election is still in progress. Beef-land, one of the candidates, served as World Assembly Delegate for 21 days, the longest in the region, and they are in the MT Army reserves as well. The other candidate, Hudsonolia, while not particularly special, has actually done campaigning, claiming to be able to keep things in order and can keep peace. As it stands, Beef-land is currently in the lead, with five votes to three, with MT Army Leader and Grandpa Nazi Hunter Vippertooth33 voting for them, as well as Earthly Delights and Hypron, Senators. Meanwhile, the Chief Mariner has voted for Hudsonolia, along with Kassimo, a member of the MT Army, and Yuno, former East Pacific delegate. A close race!

The Chief Mariner’s first order of business is to re-legalise Ugandan Knuckles, which has been removed from the Mariner Trench discord server, due to unbelievable spam of Ugandan Knuckles by the Chief Mariner themselves, Cryspus and Vippertooth33. “Ugandan Knuckles shouldn’t been banned, worst decision ever.” claimed Anarchic Turkish States. Sahansahiye Iran, who hated Ugandan Knuckles the worst, could not be reached for a comment.

The Chief Mariner is the head of the government, and appoints Mariners and Justices. The President is the head of the Senate, the legislative branch. The Senate write bills and vote on them. The Justices are the head of the court, lead by the Chief Justice.


  • Whatermelons is Honeydewistania's discord name, and he has been playing NationStates for two years and a month. He has served many positions in multiple regions, notably Chief Mariner of the Mariner Trench, a position he still holds, and Founder + WA Delegate of the now dissolved Sikhi Empire. Whatermelons is a leftist. He is the gameplay correspondent for NationStates Today. He has ten fish.