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‘Red Phone’ Leaks Reveal Concerted Attempt to Undermine South Pacific Government

The South Pacific’s intelligence service recently obtained logs from a channel used by prominent raiders, called The Red Phone. In the package of logs, there are 5 instances of planning to subvert, coup, or just annoy the Coalition of the South Pacific

The first instance took place soon after Drugged Monkeys won the July 2017 Delegate elections against Seraph (Erinor). Drugged Monkey had just passed Tsunamy, the outgoing Delegate, in endorsements, making him officially the Delegate gameside, but there was still merely a 3 endorsement gap between Drugged Monkeys, first in endos, and Tsunamy, second in endos. Ever-Wandering Souls, the leader of raider organization The Black Hawks, noticed this opportunity and convinced his fellow raiders to join him on a mission to move into The South Pacific and make Tsunamy delegate, which would have caused chaos, and maybe even civil war, in the region. TSP’s Council on Regional Security noticed this and swiftly ejected McMannia-led HYDRA forces from TSP.

The second instance took place a month later, on August 29, 2017. Ever-Wandering Souls came up with an idea to spam TSP’s Game of Thrones festival with posts like “GRHWW”, or “RAHHR”. This would be canon, as it is how the Army of the Undead speaks in Game of Thrones.

The third instance is a conversation featuring McMannia, about a year’s worth of logs from the private discussion space for TSP legislators that was obtained by a spy in TSP, later revealed to be Aav VerinHall. McMannia discussed how it was taking him a while to comb through all the logs. Later, McMannia and Ever-Wandering Souls discussed how to release the logs. It was revealed that a NationStates moderator said the leaks were fine as long as they did not reveal any personal info about TSP members. The identity of the moderator who approved the leaks is unknown.

The fourth instance shows Souls, McMannia, Altino, and others discussing their hate for The South Pacific, particularly certain members. Souls tries to encourage others to coup TSP and McMannia and Souls lay out their dream for a raider, “purist”, TSP.

The fifth and final instance shows Souls and others panicking about the logs from The Red Phone being leaked, including them trying to find out who the leaker was. The individual who leaked the logs is still unknown.

These logs have been available to TSP members for weeks but have only recently been released to the general NSGP public. These logs may be brought up in the appeal to the region’s High Court’s ruling to overturn the proscription of Ever-Wandering Souls.

You may view all the logs here.

Notice: It was previously, incorrectly, stated that Xoriet had access to the channel. This has been removed.


  • Prarie has been a native of The South Pacific since August 2017, and currently serves there as its Deputy Secretary of State. He has a passion for journalism, activism, musical theatre, and baseball, and is a Politics and Gameplay writer for NationStates Today.