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Governor Elections – Vote Now

Voting Form (Open until 17:00 UTC on March 4th)

To whom it may concern,

NSToday is an organisation built around the idea of community, and of shared values. Part of that, in my view, is democratising our organisation for the benefit of all. Therefore, our Corporate Charter lays out the procedures for the democratic election of five governors. Four elected by the members (writers and other staff), and one member elected by you, the readership.

All of these governors have a huge voice in decision making within NSToday, and make sure that the Board, and especially its leading figure the Chairperson, are held to account. One of the core duties of the Governors is to appoint the Chairperson and the rest of the executive staff, a duty I expect our upcoming governors to do diligently.

To vote, simply go to the form linked above, and submit one or two votes. The voting system is a ranked preference, instant run-off system – if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, then the candidate with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and the second choices of their voters re-delegated.

I hope you will take the time to vote, and if you are interested in chatting to the candidates you should join our Discord.

Best Regards,
Lewis Kuznetsov-Flood
Chairman and Chief Operations Officer


  • Lewis is a former citizen of The Communist Bloc, having been so for nearly 4 years, and has been playing NationStates for nearly 5. During his time in the Bloc, he served in the executive branch in a multitude of positions, including as General Secretary. Lewis has also served as an important member of the legislature, drafting well over 30 legislative instruments, including major constitutional restructurings. He currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NationStates Today.