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Genua Raided, Shattering Turnout Record

At the most recent major update, the notorious fascist region of Genua was struck by a record-breaking raiding force. 114 total nations, hailing from a broad coalition of regions across the raiding and defending world, successfully completed the operation. 

The operation’s success secured the region in the hands of anti-fascist forces. According to Xoriet, one of the operation’s organizers, at least 18 organizations are known to have participated in the raid.

On May 15th, just hours before the raid, the NationStates Moderators announced a change in site policy regarding Nazi-themed nations and regions – effectively banning them from the site. A few major fascist regions, such as Farkasfalka and Nazi Europa, were cleared and ceased to exist at the following update, and many nations were deleted by site moderators.

Genua, another major fascist region, was left founderless when moderators deleted its founder nation (however, moderators did not clear the region itself). Once anti-fascist Gameplayers noticed this development, many rushed to mobilize for a raid as soon as possible, and discussion in Gameplay Discord servers suggested that Genua would be raided that night. 

The opportunity to raid Genua drew wide attention not only because of the region’s fascist ideology, but also because of its previous widely-condemned decisions to use notable regions including The League, Ridgefield, and Thaecia as jump points for its raids.

Before the major update during which the raid took place, one of Genua’s military leaders unexpectedly revealed himself as an infiltrator. The nation, T-Rex, vandalized what was left of the region, leaving only a few links and a cryptic message foreshadowing the expected raid: “Take it away Q, X, R and the rest of the alphabet.” It is widely believed that the players referred to in the message are, respectively, Quebecshire, Xoriet, and Roavin, all of whom have had previous conflicts with Genua or are leading figures in the anti-fascist movement on NationStates. 

At the game update — which takes place every day at 12 a.m. EST — military forces under the leadership of NationStates Antifa began amassing in preparation for the raid, quickly bringing the number of endorsements on their three point nations to roughly 50. However, after a separate raid attempt also being conducted during the same update concluded, endorsement numbers soared. At one point prior to the final move on Genua, the point nation Mallorea reached 121 endorsements, making it well within reach that the raid would break the NationStates record for most successful participants. 

Raid organizers, expecting very little resistance, were unusually open about their operation orders. While a typical raiding or defending operation would see orders posted in one or two highly private, locked-down channels, the orders for this operation were posted publicly on the NationStates Gameplay Discord server and Genua’s regional thread on the Gameplay forum.

After commanders gave the “GO” order, at least 114 World Assembly nations were able to successfully update in Genua, resulting in 113 verified endorsements on the invading delegate, Mallorea. The previous known record for a military movement was Operation Boom Beach with 96 participants. The invasion of Genua broke that record by nearly 20 endorsements, cementing the anti-fascist raid in history and setting a record likely to stand for some time.

In the aftermath of the raid, NationStates Today reached out to Vippertooth33, one of the military leaders of NationStates Antifa and arguably the face of the anti-fascist movement for nearly two decades. Vippertooth33 commented:

The record breaking raid on Genua . . . was a truly awe-inspiring effort from armies right across the political spectrum of NationStates. With most Nazi themed regions deleted by the mods, Genua became the stand-in target for all the regions we had dreamed of hitting in the future.


We also reached out to another organizer, Roavin, who is a renowned commanding member of The Order of the Grey Wardens and the South Pacific Special Forces:

Seeing pretty much all of gameplay come together, even parts that are diametrically opposed in any other situation, to take over that region was genuinely inspiring and makes me honored to have been part of it, and breaking the record for largest updater force just makes it that much sweeter.


Ultimately, in addition to shattering a site record with relative ease, this invasion represents the ability of the broader NationStates community to come together and oppose hate, bigotry, and similar ills within its walls.

Quebecshire assisted in the drafting and interviewing process for this article. He is the Chief Consul of The League, a member of its Defense Forces command, and was a participant in the operation.


  • Somyrion has been on NationStates since March 2016. Originally hailing from Forest, he has also served in various government positions in Lazarus and the South Pacific, including as World Assembly Delegate of the South Pacific from 2019 to 2020. He is currently Chief Executive Officer and Chief Publishing Officer of NationStates Today, and serves as a moderator in the worldbuilding region Tiandi. He enjoys exploring language, data analysis, and making everything look pretty.