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Democratic Socialist Assembly: Chaos, Fighting, Investigations

The Democratic Socialist Assembly (DSA) is known to allies and friends as a bustling region, full of rich political discourse, roleplay, and regional politics. DSA is known to many as a proud direct democracy, with a system of elected ministers and justices comprising the other branches of their government. Recently, however, the region has endured one of the worst crises in its history and is currently on the track of recovery and rebuilding.

The Prelude to the Storm

The upheaval, as understood by myself through conversations with various officials from the DSA, began with a conflict in the region’s Discord server between two individuals over a political matter, which resulted with one such person involved leaving. Subsequently, the Cabinet (the executive body of the DSA’s ministers) took a vote to issue a punishment against the remaining individuals involved. However, the issues did not end there. Following the ruling made by the Cabinet, fighting erupted in Congress (the DSA’s direct democratic legislature) over the legality of the Cabinet’s ability to rule and moderate in the first place.

Servers and Serving Justice

After the initial fighting within the DSA Congress, further chaos erupted when, due to perceived stress by his colleagues, Ivory Rhodes, the server owner, announced that he would unilaterally be using his powers to delete the server within a few days (which has now been done so), and move the DSA population to a new server. This, he claimed, was over his wish to erase any connections to his real life that was present on the server.

The subsequent chaos resulted in the formation of a new DSA server, the migration of the population, and outrage from the Cabinet over the lack of consultation on the matter. It was then that yet another bombshell was dropped on the already reeling DSA populace and government; the Minister of Justice announced that she would be initiating an investigation into possible breach of DSA’s Charter (supreme body of law) by the Cabinet over their earlier ruling relating to the moderation of the server, and a possible subsequent impeachment. This caused many different reactions, ranging from a perceived plot for political gain to distress over the possible ruling. One by one, the Cabinet Ministers began resigning their posts, thus taking apart the DSA government brick by brick until only the President of Congress Student Loan Debt, Minister of Justice Dao (who announced intentions to resign following the investigation and to date has done so), and Minister of Domestic Affairs Dekks.

Congress Chaos, Investigations, and Reconstruction

The aforementioned events and quick collapse of government led to the natural concern and fear of the populace, which sparked yet another massive argument in Congress, culminating over 600 messages in the body’s channel of the DSA Discord, as one official reports. Nonetheless, the President of Congress was determined to not give up and opened elections for the Cabinet, and appointed a number of Interim Ministers and officials until new ones could be elected. However, even this action proved disastrous, as the Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs erroneously leaked conversations from the Closed-Door Cabinet (CDC) channel of the server, which contained classified information and thus led to additional charges to be investigated by the Justice Minister.

The Minister of Justice’s investigation began right as the populace of the DSA was in the middle of their server move, which proved to spawn more problems, as much of the material related to the Minister of Justice’s case was contained in the old server. In an illegal and yet another highly controversial move, Ivory Rhodes proceeded to ban the Interim Foreign Minister from the CDC channel on the old server and lock it to everyone but himself, citing fears of possible slander against himself and other Ministers using the contents of that chat.

And, if such chaos and upheaval weren’t enough, a crisis opened on the foreign front, with the region USSD sending a recruitment telegram to the region (which the DSA leadership suspects was a blatant attempt to take advantage of their chaos) and the region of Pacifica withdrawing their embassies over what DSA President Student Loan Debt suspects were intervention by a disgruntled former DSA official who was among the Ministers that had previously resigned.

This culminated in one sweeping grand finale – the Minister of Justice submitted their recommendation for the impeachment of the Cabinet (most of who had already resigned anyway). This recommendation is to be reviewed by High Judge Xingal, who will release a final verdict on the matter.

Turned Toward the Future

The bombardment of crises seem to have ceased to date, and the region is in a state of repair and reform, especially in the areas of Discord moderation. The President is confident, however, that the region will pull through as it always has, and eventually stand tall once more.

New ambassadors have begun to be appointed, elections for Cabinet positions have begun, and a sense of normalcy is returning to the recently chaotic region.


  • Nate is a veteran politician and ambassador from The Communist Bloc, and has served in various executive and legislative positions there. Alongside serving as the region’s head of state, Nathaniel was responsible for the recent end to the Bloc's diplomatic isolation and its entry into the NSLeft. He now uses his diplomatic ties to bring news from the NSLeft community.