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German Bundeswehr soldiers of the 12th Mechanised Infantry Brigade, 122th Infantry Battalion take part in a NATO enhanced forward presence battalion welcome ceremony at the Rukla military base some 130 km (80 miles) west of the capital Vilnius, Lithuania, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017. The NATO enhanced forward presence battalion in Lithuania will be led by framework nation Germany. (AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis)

Declaring War on the Anti-Fascists: A Fool’s Errand?

Whether you are for them or against them, no one can deny the influence that the NSAntifa movement has had on the game since its inception in the early days of NationStates. Through years of fighting, the interregional alliance, now consisting of The MT Army, the entirety of the NSLeft, the Kingdom of Great Britain, Voltarium, Hartfelden, and the Freedom and Justice Alliance, have successfully raided over 900 regions (soon to be 1000), and are famous for taking down some of the most successful fascist regions in the game. Their work contributed to the end of the numerous fascist raider regions that terrorized many left-wing and center regions in the early days of NS. For many years, they have easily toppled the far-right scene of NationStates, mainly because of their inherent lack of organization – that is, until now…

A War with Antifa

On December 16th, Antifa member militaries, including The MT Army, The Red Fleet, North Korea’s Korean People’s Army, The Communist Bloc’s People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces, and even members from the non-member region of The North Pacific, raided and subsequently locked down the region of Northern Redlands. This raid attracted the attention of many, and fed the flames to the growing sentiment within conservative and center regions that Antifa has begun to become overzealous and “too leftist” in their raiding choices. Many have begun to argue that the growing number of leftist regions affiliated with the org have led to Antifa targeting regions that may not even be fascist, but only highly conservative. Antifa member and representative of the MT Army, Vippertooth, has repeatedly stated alongside other Antifa members that this is simply false accusation used to discredit the raids of their regions, and frequently presents evidence (usually consisting of discord and RMB conversations) of the fascist ties of each Antifa target. While this has not swayed many of their vocal critics, it has won them the support of many of the powerful GCRs in the World Assembly, and allowed them to deflect condemnation numerous times, most recently in April of last year.

The raid on Northern Redlands was, in many ways, the final straw for Antifa’s previously only vocal opponents; a collective effort spearheaded by Redlandia (the successor to Northern Redlands) and the Federation of Conservative Nations has united fascist, conservative, and center regions to create a war declaration on antifa and its allies. While many regions, especially within the NS right-wing community, approve, other regions of similar orientation have condemned the action on the ground of hypocrisy. The prominent conservative region, the Federation of Conservative Nations, has faced criticism on all sides for entering into a defensive pact with notoriously fascist region Farkasfalka and other regions deemed ‘hazardous’ by the Pan-Pacific Civil Defense Siren, whilst still preaching an anti fascist foreign and military policy. Whether the increasing pressure and fear from Antifa has forced them to make strange bedfellows, or their true nature is finally showing, it can be assured that two highly influential right wing regions with a fair amount of diplomatic power have begun taking up arms against one of NationStates arguably most successful raiding organization in history. How successful they will be remains unknown, but it does represent one of the few significant and organized efforts to combat an alliance that has long stood without a challenge for years.

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