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Best Roleplays of the Month: February 2019

Welcome to the Best Roleplays of the Month, a new monthly column by The Doctor. In it, I will be looking at the best roleplays on the NationStates forum for each month. However, since this column has only just started, I will be looking at January to mid-February 2019 for this edition.

18 readers voted on their favourite out of all eight nominees. The top three were:

3. A World About To Break

Note: The author is taking part in this roleplay and has the intention of writing about it in further detail at a later date.

A World About To Break is a sandbox-style roleplay set in 2030, where empires compete for territory. With elements of Modern and Post-Modern technology, this roleplay is the most developed of the top three. Notable members include Hypron, Atakia, Canada and Iran.

2. “We Have Lots Of New Friends”

“We Have Lots Of New Friends” is a much more restricted roleplay than A World About To Break. It is all about the Falklands conflict, and can be summarised as a re-imagining of the conflict. Despite the lack of progress made, the roleplay is excellent, especially by Neureich am Fischbach, Valkiir, Saint Georgia Island and United Avon.

1. The European Cold War

In terms of restrictiveness, The European Cold War is between the above two roleplays. While there are two giant nations, which the roleplay is centered around, and Europe and Russia are completely off-limits, there is a lot of freedom around what your nations does, how it reacts to events and who it aligns with. There has been a little development, and notable roleplayers include Bolslania and Trans Slavia, the main two nations, and Derika, who roleplays Japan.

Full Results & Conclusion

Note: These results include the author’s vote, which was discarded following a tie between the 2nd- and 3rd-placed results. All nominated roleplays are shown.

While the votes were spread out, The European Cold War dominated compared to some of the other roleplays. Additionally, Mutation and Dawn Of Champions Tournament received no votes. This was the complete opposite of what I predicted before releasing the poll.

Many thanks to all readers who voted. The next poll will be released in early April, and the next column in the series will be released a week or two after.

Photo by London Wood Co. on Unsplash


  • The Doctor joined NationStates in January 2018. Since then, he has become a prominent member in the Universal Pact as its Communication Officer and Chief Editor of the UPBC Chronicle, its newspaper, ascending to the Delegacy in March 2019. He currently serves as the Chief Editor of the International and Arts departments of NationStates Today.