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Art of the Week: March 3rd, 2019

We are back and here to look at another great haul of art! Let’s see who we have this week.

By Maori Moon.

Maori Moon is back! And as brilliant as ever this one caught my eye because of all the detail of every aspect of this piece.

By Algermaine.

I really love this piece! All the weapons look really cool and so do the countryballs themselves Algermaine has really pulled this one out of the bag.

By Intercosmos.

I think this piece is really funny and i really like how the radioactivity is done. Another great piece by Intercosmos

´╗┐By Krovius.

Wow! I cant believe someone actually drew that coat of arms! Its anazing. The attention to detail on this piece is unbelievable, its one of the best i’ve ever seen.

This weeks art concluded.

The standard of this week’s column was extremely high, people put so much time and effort into these pictures and i think it really pays off. All of these pieces could easily make my top ten. It shows that it doesn’t matter what you use to draw countryballs, it’s what you do with the knowledge and resources you’ve got. And that’s why these pieces made the list this week.


  • Daunland has been playing NationStates since December 2017. He is the Co-founder of the region Universal Pact and is a guest writer for NS Today.