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After a Fierce Campaign, Daunlaund Votes to Ban Guns

Earlier this year, the Daunlaundic government voted on a bill through the Dauntagé (the Daunlaundic parliament). This bill was voted in by a landslide even though, for some people, it was seen as extreme. Nevertheless, as the bill went through, a referendum to ban the use of guns for citizens was announced on January the 4th 2019.

Picking Sides

The four parties with the most seats in the Dauntagé backed the ‘For’ side. These were the Liberal Party, the coalition government, the Blancé (who were in a coalition with said Liberals), the Daunlaundic Labour Party (the official opposition to the coalition government) and the Greens. Only two smaller parties – the Daunlaundic Conservatives and the Okå Party – were against the goal of the referendum. With little support in the Dauntagé, the ‘Against’ side was already struggling.


Campaigning ravaged on for weeks with both sides battling ferociously against each other. The polls at the time were showing a strong win for the ’For’ side, but the ‘Against’ side kept campaigning, hoping to turn the tide. They targeted the rural provinces, where most of the people who were likely to vote ‘Against’ lived, but they didn’t campaign nearly as much in other provinces. Would this cost them the referendum?

The Vote

On Tuesday the 9th of April, 78% of the Daunlaundic public voted to ban guns for civilians.

Overall province votes:

Ronicon- For
Heliris- For
Nordor- Against
Vask- Against
Daun- For
Ferús- For
Derosé- For
Esztlúew- For
Ventroven- For
Ereckia- For

Súthé-Saxi- For
Lìhone- Against
Arcadèìa- For
Vevertas- For
Wajíné- For
Pørtana- For
Küste- For
Arguszt- For
Bæren- For

There has been a lot of anger in response to the results. One man was quoted saying he’d ‘rather die than give up [his] guns’. The withdrawal of firearms will begin on Friday.

Is it necessary?

The crime rate in Daunlaund is extremely low compared to other nations. As a result, the country does not need prisons. Some campaigners for the ‘Against’ side brought this up repeatedly, however the ‘For’ side responded by arguing that they wish to make Daunlaund an even safer place than it already is.

Map of mainland Daunlaund, with ‘For’ majority departments shown in yellow and ‘Against’ majority departments in blue.

In Conclusion

Either way the referendum went, there would be people unhappy with the result. However, the ‘Against’ campaign had a very small chance for success, as only the two smallest parties supported it and there was a lack of campaigning in areas where they needed the vote. Daunlaund’s decision is not without its controversies, and this has been a major event in the country’s politics, but we can not question the decisiveness of the result.

Cover image by Rik Panganiban


  • Daunland has been playing NationStates since December 2017. He is the Co-founder of the region Universal Pact and is a guest writer for NS Today.