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A Week of Progress, and the Next Steps for Today

Last week, we had 4 volunteers. Today, we have 15.

Our first edition has received nearly 400 views on Scribd, and our site has broken 200 unique visitors

For me, at least, that represents a massive achievement of work, dedication and a strong first step to achieving the vision I outlined last week. I didn’t imagine that we would receive such a positive response, although based on the quality of edition that our Editor-in-Chief produced, it shouldn’t be a surprise. I further never imagined we would gain volunteer staff so quickly – the application number has been outstanding, and I am exceedingly pleased at the quality of writing that has been produced, even in such a short period of time. In addition, the range of experiences and interest areas of our writers has allowed us to produce a higher quality of content, which in turn has freed us to explore new possibilities for NationStates Today.

On top of our excellent writing staff, we have begun the construction of an exceptional Graphics & Publishing team, who have been hard at work producing and formulating this edition for release. Going into the future, we hope to overhaul our visual design, along with developing a unique illustrative style, especially for our website – for me, what will set us further apart from other news organisations will be our media rich content, allowing our articles to catch the eye and engage readers. As such, I ask that if you are reading this and are interested in working towards such a goal, the development of a unique visual style and the creation of game-class media, then you should either contact me on Discord (balag12#7151) or apply for staff online –

Alongside our new Publishing team, I also want to form a small group of talented developers to help build up our technical prowess – I hope that we can use the Telegram API to distribute news to those that subscribe, and I want tighter integration with both Discord and NationStates generally. As such, if anyone has experience with the NationStates API, the Discord API, or just general Web Development, and wishes to help with our project, then you should contact me or apply!

Naturally, I realise all this advertisement for staff is probably tiring, and I can assure you there will be less of it in future editions. We are growing fast, and within a month I hope to be releasing at least an article a day on our website, and if that doesn’t make you want to keep an eye on us I don’t know what will. I should also stress that NationStates Today is not simply another Gameplay news source – we are already covering roleplays, and we want to provide more coverage of roleplays of all types. On top of that, we want to have a focused group of writers who are knowledgeable of some of the most interesting political events in the game, which should allow us to keep you informed on a region’s news – even if they don’t have their own news service

For now, I ask that you stay informed, keep reading and keep an eye on us.


  • Lewis is a former citizen of The Communist Bloc, having been so for nearly 4 years, and has been playing NationStates for nearly 5. During his time in the Bloc, he served in the executive branch in a multitude of positions, including as General Secretary. Lewis has also served as an important member of the legislature, drafting well over 30 legislative instruments, including major constitutional restructurings. He currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NationStates Today.