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‘A Complete Rehaul’: Hartfelden Ratifies New Constitution

On 7 July, Kaiser Friedrich I of Hartfelden (HRF), also known as Pi, announced a new Constitution after it had been approved by the last-ever session of the Reichstag, the lower house of the regional legislature.

The flag of Hartfelden.

It came after the Kaiser elected to dissolve the Reichstag and the Bundesrat due to continued inactivity by the government. This also dissolved the entire executive branch, as ministers were appointed by the Kanzler, who was in turn elected by the Reichstag.

Kaiser Friedrich initially planned to amend the Constitution, however, it quickly transpired that HRF, in his own words,  “needed a complete rehaul.” The new Constitution removes all elected positions in the region and makes the legislature unicameral.

The Reichstag being replaced by the Bundestag came as a result of the increasingly popular idea for an all-citizen legislature. The Bundestag will be presided over by the President, who is appointed by the Kaiser. The Bundesrat, which was an upper house populated by members appointed by the Kaiser, has been abolished. The position of Kanzler has also been scrapped entirely as ministers are now to be appointed solely by the Kaiser.

The new Constitution is based around the monarchy and encourages, so Kaiser Freidrich claims, a meritocratic system of government. He provided the following exclusive statement to NSToday on these developments:

“The Empire of Hartfelden has long withstood issues from within and outside. We have fought the NPO [New Pacific Order], we have fought spies, we have fought DoS. Through all of this, we have fought inactivity. People have tried to ruin us, people have tried to hurt us. We have stood over them all triumphant. Yet our greatest enemy was from within. To solve this issue, once and for all, the Empire has adopted a new Constitution. One based in meritocracy and work, not in popularity and politics.”


  • Wymondham Lacerta-Asteorra has been in NationStates for over three years, spending most of that time in Osiris. He presently serves as a Vizier of Foreign Affairs and Guardian, having also been Chief Scribe for a year, as well as Minister of Home Affairs and Deputy Minister of Security in Pacifica and Thalassia, and Tribunal Prefect and Tribune of Culture in the Empire of Mare Nostrum. He currently serves as Public Relations Director and Chief Gameplay Editor of NationStates Today. In his spare time, he enjoys preparing, getting guests for, and recording the podcasts - the work never stops!