Weekend Edition: February 10th, 2019

NS Today – 10 February 2019 by on Scribd

From the Chairman:

I would like to personally thank Llo for producing this edition, and for taking over for Bri given that he is no longer able to work on the weekend edition. He has excelled himself, and shows why our volunteer staff is so brilliant, and so important to our project. If you want to help us produce these editions, along with writing for them, please apply for staff!


Chairman and Chief Operations Officer. Lewis has been a citizen of TCB for nearly 3 years, and has been playing NationStates for nearly 5. During his time in TCB, he has served in the executive branch in a multitude of positions, including as General Secretary. Lewis has also served as an important member of the legislature, drafting well over 30 legislative instruments, including major constitutional restructurings. On top of this, during his time as the Minister of Information, Lewis served as Editor of the Daily News, which has continued since his leaving of the position. Lewis also spearheaded the development of the official TCB wiki.